Is the iphone driving mobile content?

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The ipod has really changed the way we use music – we’ve got 3 in our household (4 if you count my original 40 gig hard drive version that died). But the potential for the iphone to change the way we get and consume web based information is vast.

So, you’ve gotta get mobile. Thankfully, it is easier than you might think thanks to

As I blog on WordPress, less than 2 minutes later I have as well as and an iphone specific URL at

As a tip, if you create your own address off your domain as I have done (, remember to add the cname record at your domain so it will work.

Importantly with any web presence, you have got to track it – and this is where mofuse excels providing great stats tracking. I suspect we will see lots of growth in iphone related traffic. For more on the topics of tracking users, please see my Feedburner post.

So, comments please. Where do you think the growth in online traffic for the iphone will come from? And how will it drive the way we use mobile phones in the future?

Great application for Windows Mobile – pointui

Feeling iPhone envy? Yes, not release in Australia just yet….

However, while you are waiting, why not jazz up your Windows Mobile with a fantastic application from Pointui. You can also check it in action at Utube

Pointui Interface

I have downloaded it onto my Dopod D810 and it works great. There is some getting used to the finger movement in the menus and also it dives into the Windows Mobile interface for applications and not always easy to get straight back – but with practice it should be fine.

Pointui is available for FREE download so give it a go