Enterprise 2 – Collaborations New Frontier and its Profound Impact on the Enterprise

Here is a recent presentation I’ve completed on this topic, hope you enjoy!

Getting clarity on the meaning of life – goal setting

Goal setting can be fun. Yet there is a conflict in setting goals which can lead to a loss of balance – family goals can have an impact on career and so on.

The sheer act of contemplating primary goals for the various facets of your life then writing those goals down often provides a enormous amount of clarity and focus. It sometimes creates an almost mysterious clarifying beacon that helps to focus effort and energy. The more focus on your goals, the more likely they are to materialize.

The most clever systematic approaches are often the most simple.

Foundation areas of your life to consider goals for are:

  1. Education
  2. Relationships
  3. Health
  4. Finances
  5. Career
  6. Values and beliefs
  7. Social Contribution

And there are other experiential areas as well, such as travel, entertainment, and arts and culture.

I recently was invited to participate in and contribute to the Beta of a new goal setting tool called LifeGoalBoard created by a friend of mine, Michael Field. Michael is a very successful marketer in Sydney, Australia, and attributes part of his success in achieving a balanced and fulfilled life to using the process contained within LifeGoalBoard. It makes for an interesting story to find out how it was created, how it is used, what results have come out of it, and why Michael is keen to share it.

As a master practitioner in NLP, Michael has been developing some neat concepts and tools which will be available in LifeGoalBoard that will help people achieve their goals.

Disclosure: The author has undertaken a consulting engagement for LifeGoalBoard. As a result, the author is pretty pumped about the potential of it, but rest assured is not getting any kickback for referral traffic from this blog. If your online solution could do with some help, contact me.

Top 100 Web 2.0 apps

Find the top 100 web apps as per BRW at Ross Dawson’s blog here

Thanks to Ross Dawson for compiling the list onto his blog, and great to see so many great ideas out of Perth (which has been described by people such as Christopher Golis who established Nanyang Ventures and wrote “Enterprise and Venture Capital” as the entrepreneurial capital of Australia).

It is a great creative space…. and I would love to hear from anyone who knows of others that are contenders for next year’s list….

Saasu looking pretty sassy….

CEO Peter Cooper and Founder and Executive Chairman Marc Lehmann have really zazzed up Saasu, and this is an app IMHO going big time. I first signed up for an account ages ago to check it out after following a link from 88miles.net from MadPilot Myles Eftos – also from Perth – (see my earlier post on that product here).

Saasu is accounting software available as a service. I used to use MYOB when running my own business previously, and frankly that takes quite some time to get to grips with.

The Saasu interface has improved a lot from the last iteration, and if you are in the market for accounting and finance software this is one you must put on your shopping list. Solid .Net infrastructure and continually improving the product.

Peter Cooper with Cebit award

I was introduced to Peter and Marc by Gilad Greenbaum whilst at Cebit, and got to have a few cleansing ales with them. Marc is formerly from Perth and was here recently for Barcamp. The photos here are at the Awards night at Cebit. For the second year in a row, Saasu picked up an award, so they are obviously doing something right.

Gilad Greenbaum and Marc Lehmann

I think they are on the money with this offering, so keep your eyes on it.