Online Business Strategy Case Study

This presentation provides an overview of what you need to think about in putting together an online business strategy. Enjoy!

Enterprise 2 – Collaborations New Frontier and its Profound Impact on the Enterprise

Here is a recent presentation I’ve completed on this topic, hope you enjoy!

Podcast with Tom Murrell

I was recently interviewed by Tom Murrell in delightful Subiaco on the topic of marketing strategies that will work in tough times online. In this podcase we talked about new trends in social marketing, blogging for business and other ways of keeping in touch with your audience. We also discussed new disruptive technologies such as Cloud Computing and GoPC.

This podcast will take 12 minutes and 10 seconds to listen to and is available here.

Using Twitter to deliver more power to a presentation

Edge of the Web 2008 logo

At Edge of the Web 2008 I discovered something that I hadn’t seen before – over a third of the audience was using Twitter as opposed to taking notes. And it was a good thing…

If you are giving a presentation, do you want 100% of people’s attention? You might think so, but perhaps not anymore. If you have 100% of people’s attention, you don’t get:
1. Twitter feedback
2. Wider audience outside of the presentation
3. Exposure beyond the slide deck
4. New connections
5. Access to audience insight

Here is another example of this at work, see colleague Eric Brown’s post on Jeffrey Veen’s experience….

Twitter is one of those tools that becomes indispensable… but only by using it. It is also one of those tools that doesn’t immediately appear to be really useful when you first look at it. Feedback from some of the people that I talk to clearly shows this.

Please share your experiences with Twitter that have proved valuable… and to ensure we have balance, any that have been not so valuable as well…..

Preparing a Blogging Strategy for Business

Recently I have been turning my attention to blogging strategy for business. And there are some interesting things to observe out of the process that are a tweak on good old fashioned communications planning.

  1. If multiple blogs are a part of the strategy, you must decide on who the audience is for each one.
  2. Decide who the author/s should be
  3. Determine the appropriate tone of voice
  4. Provide a guide to general direction of the posts and content. If you can outline 50 potential posts before you start you might be onto something – if not, rethink
  5. Consider frequency and quality of posts
  6. Integrity of the blog is very important

At a recent presentation I gave on PR2.0 I was asked “should a CEO blog?”.

The answer is:

  1. If there is commitment to do it by the CEO…
  2. If regularity in posts can be established and become part of the routine…
  3. If there is a message that needs to get out (a cultural change program) …
  4. If the audience is receptive to posts (whether they are or not is really of little consequence as the posts can easily be turned into emails) AND feel they can freely comment on posts (good guidelines here can really help to ensure appropriate yet candid feedback)…

Then the answer is yes.

If they are the CEO of a tech company, they should already be doing it and shouldn’t stop to ask the question.

Google Adsense wasn’t making sense

Recently I took Google Adsense ads off my blog. Why?

Two reasons

  1. No one was clicking on them
  2. I wanted to use the space taken up by Google to promote my own content

To be fair, I haven’t spent hours and hours tweaking Google Adsense formats, and perhaps if I had I might have got a better result. However, the click through rates can be pretty low click on content networks for Google Adwords campaigns, and after several thousand impressions and few clicks I decided to make a change.

The other more nagging issue is the value that the ads add for the readers. Whilst lots of bloggers do use Adsense to make some really good money (see Darren Rouse’s blog at for plenty of good tips), it takes a really concerted effort to build up lots of traffic.

If you have had any experience with Google Adsense, I’d love to hear it, please comment on this post….