Have you ever wondered what a good business should smell like?

I attended a conference in November 1999 on ecommerce with a premonition that something was going to change my career as a result. The something was Bill Daring, and after a 5 minute chat, and a 10 minute demonstration my life changed direction. I was told that in 12 months I would never be able to work for someone ever again. Nervously I leapt from the precipice and proceeded on the journey.

We proceeded to “star trek” the development of a business. With impecible timing, we opened the door in Australia just 4 weeks prior to the tech wreck.

For me this ended up as a fabulous and interesting journey that was and continues to be all about perspectives and the important things in both business and life. This blog is intended to include stories and anecdotes from direct experience in business – and have been supplied with either a tone of seriousness or with laughter which will be appreciated by anyone associated with Bill Daring.

I hope you enjoy it…

Justin Davies


One thought on “Have you ever wondered what a good business should smell like?

  1. The smell of good business is in the air again today Justin. We are at a “time of change” again.

    Every seven years or so there is a stock market crash; a new technology innovation decimates an industry; or a social change turns into the new norm.

    Today we have
    1.The first signs of an major economic slow down in the housing market. We had a run on a bank here in the UK two weeks ago.
    2. Economic activity is transferring to the Internet as we predicted in1999. Thi will have major consequences despite the governments actions on social inclusion.
    3. A change is happening in the blogosphere. In the words of that old Arethra Franklin number “People re publishing it for themelves!” Not just on web blogs, community sites and bulletin boards but on closed groups such as Facebook which has gone crazy here in the UK. By 2010 it has been predicted that 70% of the content of the internet will be UGC (User Generated). Facebook is moving into the corporate mainstream and soon you will be able access self defined groups in “micro-targets” [btw – I have just made that up so remember you heard it here first] and market your products directly to them.
    4. And everywhere I go I meet corporate executives in big well known compnies who are banned during worktime from seeing certain websites that many of their customers are using up to four times a day.

    Now here is an opportunity. I can smell good business

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