Who is David Beckham?

When I first went to the UK in 2000 to meet the kmp.co.uk crew, Bill kindly took me for a bit of a tour around the North of England. We visited a “Manor Hoose” (the aristrocratic way of saying house).

We went into Manchester and drove around Old Trafford. He said to me, “THIS is Old Trafford”. I said – not trying to be a smartarse – “looks like an Aussie Rules ground but smaller…”. I didn’t have any idea how important that ground is to many people nor any idea of the history….

We went back to his place but on the way took a detour. “Here is where Posh Spice and David Beckham live…”

My response was, “Who is David Beckham?”

I am surprised he didn’t just push me out of the car there and then! But the Vodafone commercials hadn’t hit Australia so I truly didn’t know…..

3 thoughts on “Who is David Beckham?

  1. Hi Justin
    It’s interesting how the objects themselves become brands. But with the Beckham point, it also shows that brands need to be re-introduced at certain times – and it’s not a given that a brand in one location will be as successful in any other location.
    Lesson for me: keep going, keep introducing who you are and what you od and, one day, I’ll be a brand!
    Good post, keep ’em coming!

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