So, who the hell is Jason Little?

Bill Daring came back to Australia briefly in 2002 and very generously shouted me to a golf game held by the Rugby Business Club of Australia at the Vines Resort.

At the game were various sporting celebrities on various holes with the idea that they would also take a shot, and if it was better than yours, you could take that shot.

Whilst I knew AFl reasonably well, I confess to being pretty uninterested in other codes (other than basketball).

So, a very pleasant chap took a fairly ordinary shot on a long par 4, and whilst I didn’t hit it down the middle, I certainly got some distance on a (fortunately) very wide fairway.

Given this guy was supposed to be our elite sportsperson helping us to lower our score, I asked (for a bit of stir and in a jovial way), “So… what’s so special about you then?”

This guy said, “well, nothing really…”

It was then that one of my playing partners gave me a fairly abrupt nudge. “That is Jason Little – he represented Australia 3 times as one of the Wallabies and is one of Australia’s greatest rugby players….”

“Well, Jason, I’m pleased to meet you, but I’ve never heard of you – I think you need a vanity website!”

He entertained a brief conversation about it and was an absolute gentleman. Of course Bill Daring said, “this reminds me of you not knowing David Beckham

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