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Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 – Collaborations new frontier and its profound impact on information management in your enterprise.

There is a great deal of hype and mystique surrounding Web 2.0 and myriad of 2.0 terms that now exist as a result, such as Work 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, Office 2.0 and so on.

The hype is as loud and as significant as the last dot com boom where 2.0 has replaced “e”.

However, what is different today is that this revolution is focussed squarely at collaborative technologies and information sharing, as opposed to primarily transaction exchange of the dot com era.

Are you in a capacity to provide a leadership role in the emergence of Web 2.0? For it is as certain as night follows day that your staff are using these technologies without you knowing or seeking your consent – all in the name of getting the job done quicker.

Over the next series of posts I will outline the following:

  • Outline the facets of Web 2.0 and compare and contrast to dot com
  • Explain some of the technologies that underpin Web 2.0
  • Show you some great tools you can take advantage of new technologies
  • Explain a myriad of terms used including RSS, Mashups, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, blogs, wikis and you show you tools such as 37 Folders and tagging approaches
  • Outline how you can start to incorporate these types of tools and approaches into your Information Management Strategies
  • Outline some of the moves the larger vendors are taking to support these types of collaborative technologies

Could this be EDRM nirvana – an opportunity to tap into content – or is the animal out of the cage threatening everything done before it?

I look forward to your feedback…..

3 thoughts on “Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 – Collaborations new frontier and its profound impact on information management in your enterprise.

  1. Good questions Justin. I hope this post generates more feedback and I hope you get a chance to put up the other material mentioned. Outside of developers, I do not know many business savvy people who have their heads around Web 2.0

    All that said, I have heard rumors to this effect: Web 2.0 is the start of the death of personal PC software — online accessible apps and functionality (like Zoho Writer or the more accepted Google Maps) will make collaboration and Web-based communities more powerful and synergy between parties more common. Consequently, changing the way much of business is currently done.

    Have you heard anything like that?

  2. Sounds like an extremely insightful topic Justin. Based on the vibe around town, Web 2.0 appears to be something that hasnt captivated the minds of CIOs who grapple with more mundane issues such as outsourcing, governance and the skills shortage – yet.

    Whilst Web 2.0 offers many potential benefits to businesses, I believe this technology will be driven by Marketing departments initially who seek to empower the customer through creative marketing (i.e. social networking). Technologists who generally tend to be practical (aka die for the command prompt) will also need to become more artistic and creative to fully realise Web 2.0 (aka developers using Visual Studio and Photoshop).

    Anyhow must dash before my Microsoft Office suite depreciates to nothing – apparently Web 2.0 based productivity applications are making it obsolete.

    Eric K from the Nations Capital

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