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Is Web 2.0 creating innovation – or is it happening because of it?

Isn’t it an exciting time to be alive? There has never been such a volume of innovation – or information for that matter. And by the time you finish reading this post, there will be plenty of others you can also dig into.

Right now we are seeing innovation in so many areas – biotech, renewables, medicine, engineering. Technology underpins the capacity to innovate – and Web 2.0 is also a seething hotbed of new ideas with a new commercial bent. But is Web 2.0 the source of innovation, or is it happening because of the innovation around us?

Well, both are true – but the demand for technology tools to help us collaborate continues to grow.

3 thoughts on “Is Web 2.0 creating innovation – or is it happening because of it?

  1. An excellent presentation yet again Justin. The topics were good and definitely items industry is seriously looking at. For instance, in the past fortnight I’ve attended two presentations on the SOA and both covered the significance of Web 2.0. Gartner citing that we are moving from Web 1.0/SOA to Web 2.0/Advanced SOA. This transistion moving away from loosely coupled architectures to extremely loosely coupled architectures that will transistion through an event driven architecture to ultimately an adaptive SOA architecture.

    NB: I’d never heard of Shrook until your presentation. Its now replaced Safari as my RSS reader.

  2. Thanks Eric, always great to get your feedback and input. For mine, the challenge of extremely loosely coupled architecture is a balance of speed to do something versus actually thinking about what needs to be done and analysing it properly.

    I love the idea of being able to configure and do more rapidly. But it is a bit like taxonomies – if people stat freestyling with their metadata you end up with lots of individual taxonomies but nothing central -good for the individual and bad for the enterprise.

    Thanks again Eric….

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