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Huge people challenges and opportunities

In the last few days and in various meetings I have had, it has clearly reinforced the challenge of getting people on the bus with software and information management initiatives.

Nowhere is this more difficult than in the growing beasts that are international companies. No longer does the mantra apply “think global, act local” explicitly in relation to software and systems, as organisations seek to refine the best of the knowledge they have into common ways of doing things.

So, there are some barriers to break down:

  1. Not invented here. Obvious enough problem… but confounded further with Point 2.
  2. The system we use was invented here, in fact, I invented it…. compounded further with…
  3. I like the way our company did things before the takeover…. compounded further with…
  4. Those guys are in another part of the world, and they think differently to us (these types of cultural differences are very real)

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