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Great timesheet tool

88 Miles

I’ve been looking around at some online timesheet tools and Miles Burke at Bam Creative suggested 88 Miles from Mad Pilot

Having looked at a heap of timesheet tools, this looks like a really good tool – and by good fortune developed in Perth.

Some of the features I was looking for included:

  1. Web based (a given really)
  2. Allow multiple clients
  3. Allow multiple projects
  4. Allow multiple consultants to work on any mix of the above
  5. Provide individual timesheets
  6. Provide team reporting
  7. Be easy to use
  8. Fairly priced

Some new features coming are likely to include additional reporting and adding your own logo to timesheets.

So far I’m impressed and have started using it, worth giving a try….

3 thoughts on “Great timesheet tool

  1. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for the kind words, I love hearing that other people are finding it useful!

    It’s probably also worth mentioning there is a full developer API as well, so it is mash-up ready 🙂



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