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Why you need your RSS feeds fed through Feedburner

One of the great things about running your own blog on your own domain is that you can pump Google Analytics through it. I use WordPress for my blog and quite a few people I know also do so.

Whilst Google Analytics is fantastic at tracking who is looking at what and when, the big area that is unknown is the RSS feed – increasingly people are using RSS in various readers – Google Reader, Safari etc to keep up to date with news without having to visit various blogs.

One of the benefits of firing your feed via Feedburner is that you get access to statistics on who is reading your blog via RSS.

Another reason for looking at Feedburner is that if you change your blog address, those people who subscribed to your feed at that blog address. My feed address from this blog is but you can also subscribe to the feed at

Why is all this important to track? Well I have discovered that I have as many people tracking my blog via RSS as I have visiting it – and that means I have twice the readers I thought that I had. I can also see which posts they are reading (the RSS readers populate all posts, so chances are those that subscribe will read more than one.

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