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Is the iphone driving mobile content?

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The ipod has really changed the way we use music – we’ve got 3 in our household (4 if you count my original 40 gig hard drive version that died). But the potential for the iphone to change the way we get and consume web based information is vast.

So, you’ve gotta get mobile. Thankfully, it is easier than you might think thanks to

As I blog on WordPress, less than 2 minutes later I have as well as and an iphone specific URL at

As a tip, if you create your own address off your domain as I have done (, remember to add the cname record at your domain so it will work.

Importantly with any web presence, you have got to track it – and this is where mofuse excels providing great stats tracking. I suspect we will see lots of growth in iphone related traffic. For more on the topics of tracking users, please see my Feedburner post.

So, comments please. Where do you think the growth in online traffic for the iphone will come from? And how will it drive the way we use mobile phones in the future?

3 thoughts on “Is the iphone driving mobile content?

  1. The iPod Touch and iPhone are truly incredible technologies which definitely do blur the difference between desktops and mobile devices (i.e. they both run OS X). Worthy of noting is the explosion of applications for these devices on the iTunes app-store. Only last night I managed to download a fully featured VNC viewer to access my Mac remotely.

    Having recently started learning XCode and the iPhone SDK I must admit the power of these devices is incredible alongside the development platform. I predict with the recent ActiveSync Exchange support and the ability to develop powerful mobile applications that you are correct – the iPhone / iPod Touch will drive mobile content alongside the Google Android platform (as has been highlighted by some of the innovative app’s demoed during the recent Google Android platform development competition).

  2. Thanks for your comment Eric. Would be interested in your feedback on XCode – I have had a play with this environment, but would be interested in a developer’s feedback. Keep in touch!

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