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Google Adsense wasn’t making sense

Recently I took Google Adsense ads off my blog. Why?

Two reasons

  1. No one was clicking on them
  2. I wanted to use the space taken up by Google to promote my own content

To be fair, I haven’t spent hours and hours tweaking Google Adsense formats, and perhaps if I had I might have got a better result. However, the click through rates can be pretty low click on content networks for Google Adwords campaigns, and after several thousand impressions and few clicks I decided to make a change.

The other more nagging issue is the value that the ads add for the readers. Whilst lots of bloggers do use Adsense to make some really good money (see Darren Rouse’s blog at for plenty of good tips), it takes a really concerted effort to build up lots of traffic.

If you have had any experience with Google Adsense, I’d love to hear it, please comment on this post….

One thought on “Google Adsense wasn’t making sense

  1. well, after over 1 year I have earned $43 from adsense. Why? Not a lot of traffic. Why? Not a lot of promotion or work.

    One thing I HAVE learnt through this is there are no shortcuts. Even earning significant money from adsense is a business proposition and all business propositions entail product, planning, partners, process and promotion.

    There are no shortcuts. 🙂

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