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Mofuse traffic greater than direct to a blog?

In the same way that the television screen has been overtaken by the computer screen, I am beginning to wonder if Mofuse (the mobile version of my site) might overtake direct traffic.

Just checking my stats for yesterday – quiet day on the blog, 26 page views according to Google. Feedburner has 33 people subscribed via RSS – but up to 175 views, mofuse shows 31 page views.

Interesting, but what does it mean? Like all bloggers, I’d like getting the numbers upwards. With these three different services we are seeing different definitions of hits, and perhaps here there is also some overlap in users that either click on a rss feed and then decide to go to the blog. No doubt this will become clearer, but the early tip is an obvious one – cover all the formats that you can.

There is also the second question of clarifying who is looking at what traffic. Those that are coming directly to the blog are reading more of the articles on directorship matters. Those coming to RSS are reading what’s more recent (more the Web 2.0 posts), and those to the mobile version are reading a similar mix but mainly iphone related.

So, what is your preferred means of checking out content? I’d love to know….

One thought on “Mofuse traffic greater than direct to a blog?

  1. Hi Justin. Thanks for your posts on this subject – thought provoking as always, in fact I got inspired and redirected one of my site’s RSS feeds through feedburner.

    An interesting thing happened – within 24 hours of implementing this our Feedburner stats jumped and our Google analytics stats plummeted (both for visits and page views). I’m not sure how to interpret this, but perhaps the stats in Google Analytics were counting the RSS in their stats. This is a bit alarming, and I wonder whether subscribers to the RSS feed via Feedburner will be disrupted if I go back to what we had previously.

    Fortunately for the particular site it’s focused on getting the information out rather than generating page views for ads, so I guess I’m less converned, but it does give me less visibility on what content people are looking at, and could also affect our google ranking.

    I’d be curious if anyone has experienced similar issues, and if so what the leading thinking is on this.

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