Preparing a Blogging Strategy for Business

Recently I have been turning my attention to blogging strategy for business. And there are some interesting things to observe out of the process that are a tweak on good old fashioned communications planning.

  1. If multiple blogs are a part of the strategy, you must decide on who the audience is for each one.
  2. Decide who the author/s should be
  3. Determine the appropriate tone of voice
  4. Provide a guide to general direction of the posts and content. If you can outline 50 potential posts before you start you might be onto something – if not, rethink
  5. Consider frequency and quality of posts
  6. Integrity of the blog is very important

At a recent presentation I gave on PR2.0 I was asked “should a CEO blog?”.

The answer is:

  1. If there is commitment to do it by the CEO…
  2. If regularity in posts can be established and become part of the routine…
  3. If there is a message that needs to get out (a cultural change program) …
  4. If the audience is receptive to posts (whether they are or not is really of little consequence as the posts can easily be turned into emails) AND feel they can freely comment on posts (good guidelines here can really help to ensure appropriate yet candid feedback)…

Then the answer is yes.

If they are the CEO of a tech company, they should already be doing it and shouldn’t stop to ask the question.

One thought on “Preparing a Blogging Strategy for Business

  1. Justin, I really like this idea. I often work on Learning Strategies and talk about leveraging Web 2.0 technologies as part of that overall strategy, but an independent Blogging Strategy is interesting! Let me who is successful in rolling out one.

    Hmm, I smell another good idea coming from you, my friend 🙂

    BTW- I posted a portion of this and linked back to you.


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