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Using Twitter to deliver more power to a presentation

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At Edge of the Web 2008 I discovered something that I hadn’t seen before – over a third of the audience was using Twitter as opposed to taking notes. And it was a good thing…

If you are giving a presentation, do you want 100% of people’s attention? You might think so, but perhaps not anymore. If you have 100% of people’s attention, you don’t get:
1. Twitter feedback
2. Wider audience outside of the presentation
3. Exposure beyond the slide deck
4. New connections
5. Access to audience insight

Here is another example of this at work, see colleague Eric Brown’s post on Jeffrey Veen’s experience….

Twitter is one of those tools that becomes indispensable… but only by using it. It is also one of those tools that doesn’t immediately appear to be really useful when you first look at it. Feedback from some of the people that I talk to clearly shows this.

Please share your experiences with Twitter that have proved valuable… and to ensure we have balance, any that have been not so valuable as well…..