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Twitter for business – 11 ways you can use it

There are many ways you can use Twitter for business advantage (as opposed to just interest). There is a right way and wrong way to do this – blatant self promotion isn’t entertaining or interesting for followers, so you need to add value with your tweets.¬†

  1. Research – to keep up to date with new information, views and ideas in your industry. Twitter users often share links to presentations they deliver
  2. Promote your knowledge – share IP and information you have created by posting links to your own presentations (an easy way to share the presentation is using Slideshare) and announce to followers
  3. To rapidly get news in your ¬†industry and stay up to date – most of the current events happening now, including Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, I heard first via Twitter
  4. To get access to thought leaders in your industry. For example, one of my favourite writers in the Web 2.0 space is Dion Hinchcliffe whom I follow on Twitter at I can find out not only what he is writing about, but information he is coming across that he finds interesting.
  5. To build a personal profile in your industry as knowledgeable
  6. To keep up to date with what your colleagues are up to – without having to email them or ring them
  7. To win business. The way to do this is to find people who are tweeting about issues they have that you can help with. You then provide help. In many cases I have found these people then either want to promote you as someone that is helpful and adds value, or engage you to solve the next problem
  8. To promote posts on your blog
  9. To provide real time updates on crisis issues within a company
  10. To offer clearing stock deals (Dell did this very successfully)
  11. To get insight into potential staff

There are many more ways of using Twitter to add value to a business. So, what works for you? Please add your comments, I look forward to your input.

3 thoughts on “Twitter for business – 11 ways you can use it

  1. Hi Justin,

    the trouble with Twitter is that for a lot of people it simply doesn’t work as it should.

    I’ve been on Twitter for over a year and it’s never worked properly.

    I have dozens of people wanting to follow me, and I’m unable to let them.

    And I’m not the only one, judging by the “issues” in their forums.

    According to the automated Twitter support ticket, because they are a free service they “may” or “may never” get around to resolving the issue.

    I think that lack of customer support will really undermine the service as a reliable communications medium.

  2. Hi Mark, thanks for your response. Many of the issues people find with Twitter seem to resolve by unsubscribing, empty the cache then re-subscribe. If anyone else has had this problem, please post a reply here.

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