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Prezentt – better presentations

Prezentt is a web app that helps presenters to get a 1000% better interaction with their audience during their presentations through a range of tools. You can improve the impact of your presentations by sharing your slides with your audience immediately, tracking questions and follow ups, saving time and getting much greater audience engagement.

You don’t need to change the way you deliver your presentation – you just add a PDF of your presentation to Prezentt prior to your presentation. Then share the unique URL with the audience. They can ask you questions, connect to you on social media, and share your content with their colleagues. Plus they can take notes against each slide, saving you from printing speakers notes.

You can try it and as a presenter deliver 4 presentations free each year – it is┬átotally free for those attending a presentation.

I am a co-founder of this company – and look forward to your presentation success!