About Justin Davies

The Smell of Good Business provides insight by Justin Davies into emerging strategies, technologies and ideas to help you grow your business.

The Smell of Good Business emanated as a concept for a book from working with Bill Daring of www.kmp.co.uk Sadly, Bill passed away on the 27th of December 2009. His insights and business flair however live on and I owe much to his mentorship and friendship in the 10 short years of our friendship.

Instead of a book, the ideas turned into a blog.

It started a collection of information that we found useful in reflecting upon what is the essence of creating a sustainable business. It follows that path of interest, drawing from that experience and subsequent journey  in managing an IT consulting business as part of a multi-national corporation, and to my own consultancy.

This consultancy is called Emergination with a focus on helping companies take advantage of internet technologies. I am really interested in how great companies are created and grown, but prefer to take an interest from the inside rather than just an observer. I am currently working with several startups including Prezentt.com as well as existing businesses moving towards new ways of doing business.

You can email at  me (at) justindavies.com.au or justin (at) emergination.com.au

You can follow me on Twitter at www.twitter.com/justinkdavies and see my profile at Linked In.

And finally you can visit the emergination website.

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