Books I Read

Here is a list of books that I have really enjoyed reading – please feel free to comment or add your own suggestions:




Managing the Professional Services Firm
Fooled by Randomness
Competitive Advantage
The McKinsey Way
The Fish Rots from the Head
Workflow Modelling – Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development
The Art of War for Executives
The Tom Peters Seminar
Doing the Business
Accounting for Business
Enterprise and Venture Capital
How to Win Friends and Influence People
Boards that Work
Good to Great
Financial Statements Demystified
Emotional Intelligence

Jeff – The rise and fall of a political phenomenon
Losing my virginity
The Real Warren Buffet
The Rise and Fall of Alan Bond

2 thoughts on “Books I Read

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  2. Justin,

    Some of these resources look good. I’ll check them out. If you have time and can put links from each to an online store like Amazon, that would be very helpful for your readers.

    Keep blogging my friend!

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