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Non executive directors liability issues

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At our recent “Chatham House” meeting (graduates of the AICD course in Perth) we discussed the issues of: 1. Some of the great practical advice that graduates of the AICD Company Directors course had been able to apply; and 2. The legal issues and risks of being a director, particularly non-executive The course is very […]

The Plagerisation Generation

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“You didn’t make that up. I heard that / saw that / wore that 20 years ago….” One of the art directors I used to work with when I was in the advertising industry commented on retro styling. His observation was that new designers would explore new and different concepts for a goodly part of […]

Jan’ry Feb’ry…

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I once had a meeting with a guy that was supposedly a leader in the whole ebusiness area. He opened the meeting by saying, “I don’t subscribe to that pay the vendor for work model…”. He didn’t particularly articulate how we should get remunerated for what we were doing, but we held our breath and […]

Presentation skills

The World is a Wanker

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I once had an interesting experience in a meeting with Bill and a top tier consulting firm, in a very impressive office. We called in to see a mid-level manager and explained what we were doing in the consulting arena around ebusiness – strategy, web enabled application development, portals – enhancing the online user experience. […]