Podcast with Tom Murrell

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I was recently interviewed by Tom Murrell in delightful Subiaco on the topic of marketing strategies that will work in tough times online. In this podcase we talked about new trends in social marketing, blogging for business and other ways of keeping in touch with your audience. We also discussed new disruptive technologies such as […]

Preparing a Blogging Strategy for Business

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Recently I have been turning my attention to blogging strategy for business. And there are some interesting things to observe out of the process that are a tweak on good old fashioned communications planning. If multiple blogs are a part of the strategy, you must decide on who the audience is for each one. Decide […]

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Google Adsense wasn’t making sense

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Recently I took Google Adsense ads off my blog. Why? Two reasons No one was clicking on them I wanted to use the space taken up by Google to promote my own content To be fair, I haven’t spent hours and hours tweaking Google Adsense formats, and perhaps if I had I might have got […]